What is Conversational AI?

Gain insights about your qualitative research by talking with our AI chatbot tailored to your data.

What is Conversational AI?

ATLAS.ti Web's Conversational AI allows you to make sense of your data quickly and easily through the use of a chatbot that can knowledgeably talk about your data. By using natural interaction with this tool, you can gain a familiarity with large or complex texts that you can use to perform coding and data analysis.

Conversational AI makes use of OpenAI's GPT models to read your documents and give our chatbot the capability to speak about your data as an expert. This tool can provide you with answers to your questions while also pointing to segments of your data that support the answers it generates, facilitating a transparent analysis of your research.

Please note that Conversational AI is a beta feature. You are welcome to use it freely, and we welcome your feedback on all aspects of it.

How does Conversational AI work?

Conversational AI can be used to analyze a document or a set of documents. The tool is accessible by clicking on the Conversational AI button (represented by a chatbot icon) on the left-hand toolbar in ATLAS.ti Web.

You can also open Conversational AI from the Tools menu while viewing any document in ATLAS.ti Web.

The dialog window for Conversational AI will open on the right side. You can select which documents you wish to include in your analysis by selecting them from the list. If you opened Conversational AI while viewing a document, the document will be included in your analysis by default, but you can de-select it if desired.

When you are ready, ensure that the checkbox confirming the license agreement and privacy policy is checked (Conversational AI will send your data to OpenAI's GPT model for processing) and click on "Start with chat".

It will take a moment for Conversational AI to analyze the selected text. When it is ready, it will present a chatbot with a space where you can ask questions.

In addition to answering questions, Conversational AI will also list the relevant segments of text that support its answers. You can click on any of these segments to highlight the text for coding.

You can offer feedback to Conversational AI by clicking on the thumbs up or thumbs down icon next to each answer, depending on whether you are satisfied with the answers provided.

A dialog box will open for you to provide open-ended comments to substantiate your feedback. This feedback will be used to train the GPT model and make improvements to Conversational AI.