Auto Coding & Smart Search

Use auto coding and smart search to easily identify keywords and save relevant segments of data

Auto Coding allows you to speed up your analysis process, discovering relevant quotations in a fast manner. Instead of reviewing documents and applying codes manually, you can use this automatic coding feature.

The intelligent Smart Search supports you finding relevant content in your documents by automatically providing synonyms for your search queries (English only).

Here’s how Auto Coding and Smart Search works:

  1. Open a document
  2. Click on the magnifying glass at the top of the document and type in the specific topic or term you would like to code by 
  3. By clicking on the search term, you can add matching terms like synonyms to expand your search
  4. Choose from “Quote exact match”, "Quote sentences” or “Quote paragraphs” by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to "Quote results" 
  5. Click on "Quote results" to add quotationsfor all terms that have been found
  6. Apply a code and/or a comment for all quotation

You can then review the quotations, codes, and comments that have been generated through Auto Coding, making sure they are all relevant to your research goals. In particular, comments generated through Auto Coding may need to be revisited and modified. 

Delete Quotations

In case you identify a coded quotation that is not relevant, simply click on the quotation on the margin area and click on the trash button to delete it.