Teamwork in ATLAS.ti

How can I collaborate with others using ATLAS.ti? 

Both ATLAS.ti Web and ATLAS.ti Desktop (Windows/Mac) can be used to analyze qualitative data collaboratively. This is possible with any license. No special add-ons or features have to be purchased, and no special infrastructure is required.  

ATLAS.ti Web offers real-time "live" team collaboration. This is often the best option for early project stages. Projects can created in ATLAS.ti Web or uploaded from ATLAS.ti Desktop after exporting there. Simply open the project, invite your team members, and everyone can work on the project from their own computers. They will need to create their ATLAS.ti account to work on the project (you can still invite people even if they don't have an account yet, and they will receive an email with information on how to access the project). You can invite as many people as you would like to your project. Projects are automatically saved and updated in the moment, so you can collaborate in real time with others. The owner of the project can easily add (and remove) team members from the project, and ATLAS.ti Web keeps track of the author of each new entity (document, quotation, code, etc.).

Collaboration in ATLAS.ti Desktop is also possible with any license, including across Windows and Mac computers, but collaboration works slightly differently since the projects are saved offline. You can find the full guide to teamwork in the user manuals for ATLAS.ti Windows and ATLAS.ti Mac. Moreover, you can calculate your intercoder agreement when collaborating in ATLAS.ti Windows or ATLAS.ti Mac.

If you need assistance, please write to Include a description of your problem and any relevant additional information (system, version of ATLAS.ti, license information).