What happens to my data after the licence expires?

What happens to my data after the licence expires?

After your licence expires, ATLAS.ti turns into a free trial version. This means that you can still open and view your projects, but you cannot make and save changes to your project – assuming that your project exceeds the limits of the free trial version. 

The limits of the free trial version currently are:

  • 10 documents
  • 50 quotations
  • 25 codes
  • 2 memos

If your project exceeds these limits, you will not be able to save your project with a free trial licence. To save your project, you would need to obtain an ATLAS.ti license and activate it in your ATLAS.ti account page. You can then click on the "Check for updated license" button in your app to update the connection to your license, and you will be able to save projects of any size. 

In sum, all of your projects and data that were saved with your license will remain on your computer even after the license expires. Your ATLAS.ti Windows/Mac will convert into a free trial version that allows you to open and view any projects, but you will not be able to save any changes (unless the projects are under the free trial version limits). 

Your projects and data from ATLAS.ti Windows/Mac are always stored on your local computer, but we do strongly recommend saving a backup copy of your projects before your license expires. Simply open each project and export it, and you can then save the ".atlproj" file (or ".atlasti" file from the newer version) wherever you prefer, and you will be able to open it on any computer with ATLAS.ti Windows or Mac installed (of the same version with which the project was created and in any future versions of ATLAS.ti). 

To save a backup copy of your project: 

In the Windows version, you select File >  Export. Then select the project bundle option from the next page.

In the Mac version, you select Project > Export > Project.

In the Web version, go to the Project Settings page > Export for ATLAS.ti Desktop