Free Trial & Price of ATLAS.ti Web

Find more information about how to access ATLAS.ti Web using the free trial license or purchasing your own license

Free trial version

Click here to try out ATLAS.ti for free. You can use ATLAS.ti for a free trial period of 5 functional days. This means that you have a window of 90 days in which you can use ATLAS.ti Web for 5 days, and these do not need to be consecutive days (e.g., you can use ATLAS.ti one day this week, one day next week, and so on). Projects below certain size limitations can be worked on for free as long as they do not exceed the following limits:

  • 10 documents
  • 50 quotations
  • 25 codes
  • 2 memos
  • 1 report
  • Export for desktop is always possible
  • Excel project export is always possible
  • Deleting of objects is always possible
  • Purchase an ATLAS.ti license

    You can purchase your license for ATLAS.ti and get annual access to ATLAS.ti Desktop (Windows & Mac) and ATLAS.ti Web, or you can purchase a monthly Web-only license. You can see the prices and order your license in our online store.

    If you have any questions about what kind of license is best for you, please feel free to contact us via email, telephone, or chat. 

    If you have any questions about placing an order (e.g., regarding payment, invoices, refunds, etc.), please contact Cleverbridge.

    Upgrade the ATLAS.ti license you already have

    If you already have a license for an older version of ATLAS.ti, you can upgrade it to the current version. Click here to see more detailed information about upgrading your particular license.

    Cancel your ATLAS.ti subscription

    You can cancel your ATLAS.ti subscription whenever you wish. Simply log in to your ATLAS.ti account page and click on "Manage Subscription". You can later re-activate your subscription through your ATLAS.ti account page as well. Before cancelling your license, we recommend downloading your project to save a back-up copy, just in case.