How do I move ATLAS.ti projects across platforms?

How do I move ATLAS.ti projects across platforms?

Exporting and importing projects (from ATLAS.ti Web to ATLAS.ti Desktop for Windows or Mac computers) and feature comparisons

You can export your ATLAS.ti Web project and open it in the Desktop version of ATLAS.ti for Windows or Mac computers (ATLAS.ti version 8.3+). ATLAS.ti Windows/Mac projects (from versions 9+) can also be imported into ATLAS.ti Web. 

You can see more information about how to export your ATLAS.ti Web project here. To download the free trial version of ATLAS.ti Desktop (without any time limits), click here

To export an ATLAS.ti Web project:

  1. Enter the project you would like to export
  2. Click on the Project Settings tab in the left menu
  3. Click on the “Export for ATLAS.ti Desktop” button
  4. Save your file in your preferred directory - You now have a full backup copy of your project!
  5. The project can now be imported in ATLAS.ti Windows and Mac (versions 8.3+)!

To import an ATLAS.ti Windows/Mac project into ATLAS.ti Web:

  1. Click on the “Add project” button from the welcome screen of ATLAS.ti Web
  2. Select "Import desktop"
  3. Select your ".atlprojX" file or ".atlasti" file. (Please note, to add your project to ATLAS.ti Web, you first have to export it from ATLAS.ti Windows or Mac)

Please keep in mind that ATLAS.ti Web will not be able to import features of your ATLAS.ti Desktop project that are not yet supported in ATLAS.ti Web (including non-text documents and networks). You can see the features of both ATLAS.ti Web and ATLAS.ti Desktop here: