How can I setup a Web project?

How can I setup a Web project?

Create an ATLAS.ti Web project for each of your studies

To get started with ATLAS.ti Web, you can create a new project or import an already-created project from ATLAS.ti 9+ Windows or Mac. 

A project represents your specific research topic (e.g., you’d like to analyze a set of interviews about how mental health is impacted by workload).

Each project includes:

  • Documents
  • Quotations
  • Codes
  • Comments
  • Memos
  • Views

To add a new project:

  1. Click on the “Add project” button from the welcome screen of ATLAS.ti Web
  2. Select "Create project"
  3. Enter a project name
  4. Add a short description
  5. Pick a color for your project
  6. Click on Create new project

To import a project:

  1. Click on the “Add project” button from the welcome screen of ATLAS.ti Web
  2. Select "Import desktop"
  3. Select your ".atlprojX" file or "atlasti" file (Please note, to add your project to ATLAS.ti Web, you first have to export it from ATLAS.ti 9+ Windows or Mac)

Please keep in mind that ATLAS.ti Web will not be able to import features of your ATLAS.ti Desktop project that are not yet supported in ATLAS.ti Web (including non-text documents and networks). You can see the features of both ATLAS.ti Web and ATLAS.ti Desktop here:

Also, keep in mind that projects are limited to a maximum file size of 500 MB. 

Viewing and accessing different projects:

From this welcome screen, you can view all of the projects you have in your ATLAS.ti Web account. You can also filter your projects view to narrow the list to make it easier to find your desired project. You can view all of your projects, all projects in which you are the sole researcher, all projects to which you have been invited and subsequently joined, and all projects for which you have invited others and are waiting for the invitation to be accepted.

You can also change the order by which your projects are presented. Click on the "Sort by" button and choose whether you want to see projects in alphabetical order or ordered by their date of creation. You can also toggle whether you want this to appear in ascending or descending order.

Do you want to export your projects and use them in ATLAS.ti Desktop (Windows/Mac)?

If you also use ATLAS.ti Desktop, please note that projects are not automatically synced between ATLAS.ti Web and ATLAS.ti Desktop. Rather, you can export your ATLAS.ti Web project and import it into ATLAS.ti Desktop to continue working on it from ATLAS.ti Mac/Windows. Click here to learn how.