How can I create new documents in ATLAS.ti Web?

How can I create new documents in ATLAS.ti Web?

Create new documents and upload Word, PDF, or CSV documents

For each project, you can generate as many documents as you need. Every document represents a specific content source of data for your research project. For example, you might import each of your interview transcripts or articles for your literature review. You can easily upload text data from Word and PDF files in addition to copying and pasting text into your documents. You can also import CSV files. 

To create a new document:

  1. Go to the Document Manager (click on the document icon in the left-hand menu)
  2. Click on the "Add document" button and select "Create document” from the drop-down menu
  3. Name the document
  4. You can copy and paste text into the blank document from any preferred source and/or write text if needed
  5. Structure your document the way you want it to appear by toggling between the Edit and Analyze mode
  6. You can also insert any of your quotations (i.e., segments of data) from any of your code distribution views by clicking on the "+" button that appears when you click anywhere in the document to type, selecting the "Insert quotation" option represented by a speech bubble icon. You can choose a report, then select the quotations you want to insert. This option can be of great help if you would like to bring in a subset of quotations, put quotations across documents together, or even draft reports of your analyses and findings.

To upload a document:

  1. Click on the “Add document” button 
  2. Choose the type of data that you would like to upload:
    1. Import Word Document: Add text data to your project that you have saved as a Microsoft Word (.docx) document. Only the text will be uploaded.
    2. Import PDF Document: Add text data to your project that you have saved as a PDF (.pdf), with a maximum size of up to 50 MB. You can choose whether you want to import only the text content or import the PDF as it originally appears. If you import only text from the PDF, you will be able edit the contents of the text from ATLAS.ti Web if you wish. If you import the PDF with its original appearance, you will not be able to edit its text, but you will see all formatting, images, etc. in the PDF. 
    3. Import Survey Data: Add text data to your project that you have saved as a CSV (.csv) table/spreadsheet. This option is specifically designed for importing survey data. If you have your survey data saved as an Excel (.xls, .xlsx) table/spreadsheet, you would first need to save your Excel as a CSV file. Each row should correspond to one participant/response, and each column should correspond to one question. When importing your survey data into ATLAS.ti, you can specify which questions (i.e., columns) and which responses (i.e., rows) you would like imported. Each row would then be imported as one document.
  3. Select your source file 
  4. From the Document Manager, you can also edit the name the document, write a comment, add a bibliographical reference, and organize your documents into groups.
  5. When you open a document, you can also write additional text and structure your document to change the way it appears (by toggling between the Edit and Analyze mode, if you have selected the "Upload text only" option)

Repeat this process for every new document you want to add to your project.

You can also hover over each document name and click on details to open the sidebar and view more detailed information about each document.