Can I share a single user license?

Can I share a single user license?

A single-user commercial, educational or government license is sharable. This means it has exactly one concurrent seat, i.e., one person can use it at any given time.
There is a catch, however: If the account that owns the license (i.e., where the license is registered) also uses the application, the license will be permanently reserved to that user. The reason is that when a license seat is given to a user, the system uses two different policies:

- If it is the owner, the license seat is reserved permanently and it is not returned to the license pool when the user closes the application. This allows the owner of the license to freely use his or her laptop on the road or other places without internet connection. This also means that the license seat is blocked and not available to others - normally this is not a problem, as single user licenses are owned by individuals.
- If the user is an invited user (the license belongs to somebody else, typically an organization or university and the user is an employee or a student), the license seat is reserved only as long as the user is actually using the application. When he or she ends the application, the license seat is freed. This frees the license much quicker, but also requires the user to be online to use ATLAS.ti.

The owner can forcibly free up the license seat by logging out from all computers where she has used ATLAS.ti. 


- How do I logout of the desktop application?

As this is an inconvenience for the owner, a solution is to create a second account for the owner. This secondary account can then use the invite code to invite herself or himself to use the license. In this scenario, the secondary account of the owner will get exactly the same type of license seat as all other invited users and will not have to log out each time.