Why am I not able to activate my license key?

I cannot activate my license key 

If you enter your license key and it is not accepted, try the following solutions:

First, check that you have a valid license key. License keys have the format R-123-456-789-ABC-DEF-123. If your license key has the format 12345-67890-ABCDE-FGHIJ-KLMNO, then this is a license key for an older program version; it cannot be activated in the license portal.

Second, the key may only be activated by one account. If the license key was already activated by another user, you will get an error. If you have already activated the license under your account, you will get a warning that the license has already been activated.

Third, try typing the key by hand. We have seen some email programs replacing digits and letters with similarly looking characters or adding invisible spaces or other separators.
You will not need to enter the license key into the application. In previous program versions, license keys were entered directly into the application, while version 9 license keys are activated in the license portal https://my.atlasti.com. Entering a version 9 key in the version 8 (or older) application will also not work.