Where does ATLAS.ti store my documents?

Where does ATLAS.ti store my documents?

ATLAS.ti Windows and Mac store your document in an internal repository, called the library, on your default drive. This is a system folder that is "hidden" from user's view since its contents are not meant for user access. 

When you import a document in ATLAS.ti, the program creates a copy of this file and stores this copy in it library. ATLAS.ti never accesses or changes your original files; it only works with these copies.  

The location of the library is crucial and should never be changed unless there is a very clear and urgent necessity for it (e.g., your default drive is full). The library is not the same  thing as the project; it contains all your projects.  You can change the location of the library via a system setting in ATLAS.ti, but once you do this, you are, technically speaking, on your own--our Tech Support may not be able to help you retrieve your library (and thus all your projects) once you move it. 

For more information, see the program manual for your version; you can find it here

If you need further assistance, write to windows@support.atlasti.com for issues with ATLAS.ti Windows, or mac@support.atlasti.com for issues with ATLAS.ti Mac.  Include a description of your problem and any relevant additional information.