Why does my fax not seem to get through?

Why does my fax not seem to get through?

My fax doesn’t seem to get through.

If faxing from overseas, please be aware that we are located in Germany, not in the U.S., as many customers believe.

The “+” in our fax number is an international convention and stands for whatever prefix you may have to dial to make international calls in your region of the world, such “11” or “00”. Please inquire with your phone carrier to determine the correct prefix for your region.

International calls can sometimes be tricky and may require more than one attempt to get through. Our fax service is active 24 hrs 7 days a week, so if problems do occur, they are most likely with the international connection.

If you do not hear back from us within approx. three business days, you should assume that your fax didn’t get through. Please simply resend the fax or contact us via the ATLAS.ti Support Center.