How do I install updates? - Updates and Upgrades

I want to update my installation to the most recent service pack. How do I install these updates? Do I have to pay for them?

All updates for ATLAS.ti Windows and Mac are free! 

Whenever an update is available, ATLAS.ti will notify you when you open the software. Just click on “download and install updates.”  We strongly recommend that you always update as soon as such a new service pack becomes available. They usually either fix a  a bug that has been found, add new functionality, or both. So updating right away presents a major benefit 

You can find the latest release notes here:


Once a new major version is released, you need to UPGRADE – this is a different process. Upgrades are typically not free--you are buying an entirely new program version. But we offer upgrades to existing license holders at a very substantial discount, usually approx. 50% of the price of a new license. 

If you need further assistance, write to Include a description of your problem and any relevant additional information (license key and/or purchase ref. number).