Live Updates: Problems Connecting To Server

Live Updating: Problems Connecting To Server

I am trying to update my copy of ATLAS.ti but it seems the program cannot connect to the server.

Make sure your Internet connection is active and that no internal or external “obstacles” are preventing individual applications from creating connections with remote sites. Firewalls, some anti-virus programs, and proxy servers are the most common members of the “obstacles” category.

If only SOME applications (such as ATLAS.ti) are unable to connect to the internet, whereas e-mail and web browsers work as usual, a firewall or a proxy server is very likely to be the culprit. You may want to double-check the settings of your firewall or disable it completely for the time of the update. Also, look for other possible obstacles in your internet connection. 

If you are not able to remedy the problem yourself, contact your local system administrator and/or your Internet service provider for assistance. The ATLAS.ti support team will not be able to help you with this type of infrastructure problem.