How can I report errors to the ATLAS.ti Web Team?

How can I report errors to the ATLAS.ti Web Team?

Is something not working correctly? Please share your feedback with the ATLAS.ti Web team!

We greatly appreciate you informing us about any errors you may come across so that we can continue to optimize ATLAS.ti. 

Please see our video tutorial here, or do the following:

  • Invite to your project
  • Send us the name/URL link of the project

Our technicians can then examine why this is happening. Your project data will be treated with full confidentiality and GDPR compliance.

We also welcome your feedback regarding new or improved functionality. Please feel free to always reach out to us through the chat (in the bottom right-hand corner of ATLAS.ti Web) or our support center

If you run into an error, it is always helpful if you can try to use ATLAS.ti Web from a different browser as well as in incognito/private browsing mode to see if the error persists. When reporting an error to our team, please also include as much information as possible (including what you were doing when the error occurred, where exactly in ATLAS.ti Web the error occurred, which internet browser you are using, your computer's operating system, and even the URL links of your project or the document in question can help!). We also ask you to invite our technicians to your project (by sending a collaboration invitation to from the project settings page). This is simply to allow our technicians to investigate the issue, but they will never make any changes, and you can remove the technicians from your project as soon as the error has been resolved. 

More broadly, we have not experienced any data loss and we do not expect that to happen. Also, please be aware that if you use other third party applications (e.g., browser extensions), the ATLAS.ti team cannot control changes to your project that such applications may make.