What is the security of ATLAS.ti Web?

What is the security of ATLAS.ti Web?

Find more information about how ATLAS.ti Web handles security and data protection

We consider privacy and security to be top priorities of our Web application, leveraging internal and external resources to ensure safe user access, reliable encryption, and data protection at the highest level. The security standards of ATLAS.ti Web allow for a wide range of sensitive research projects, protecting customer data from unauthorized access at all times. We want to share some details of what measures we take to keep ATLAS.ti Web secure and what processes we use to continually improve the security of our customers’ data. You may be interested in checking our Privacy Policy and Terms, which describe ATLAS.ti’s process for personal and anonymous data that we collect when you correspond with us via email, phone, or other communication channels or visit our website.

World-Class Hosting & Data Centers

Our Web services are hosted on DigitalOcean data centers located in Germany. As one of the world’s leading Web infrastructure providers, DigitalOcean uses a state-of-the-art array of security and environmental controls to secure server infrastructure from threats and impact by using 24/7 physical on-site security, full CCTV coverage, access logging, security monitoring, and integration of a defense-in-depth layered approach. Details about the measures that DigitalOcean take in securing their hosting facilities, data centers, and services can be found here: https://www.digitalocean.com/security/

Best Practice Security Measures

At ATLAS.ti we believe in security by default. Here are a few of the best practices we have implemented ensuring maximum security:

  • We fully encrypt the data exchanged between your browser and ATLAS.ti Web using the latest TLS authentication.
  • Our continuous development security process ensures identifying and fixing potential security issues before releases.
  • All customer data is protected and only accessible with written customer permission in a support case.
  • Our authentication system protects user accounts from hacker attacks like brute-force search and offers Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection.
  • When it comes to security, we don’t rely on our third-party corporate network. No one else has access or backdoors into our systems or customer data.
  • We entirely comply with GDPR privacy regulations.

You Own Your Data: 100%

We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. With ATLAS.ti Web you completely own your research data. That means we will never sell your data to any third party or hand it to anyone else. Moreover, we won’t look at it unless you explicitly ask for it in a support request.

More Security Questions? 

Check our Security FAQ for further questions and details or contact us via: cloudsecurity@support.atlasti.com