What do I do if I received an "AI Coding error" message?

What do I do if I received an "AI Coding error" message?

This error message can refer to a range of potential underlying causes, but there are some troubleshooting steps you can follow that resolve the error in most cases.

  1. Check that your documents are text documents (e.g., Word, text, etc.).
  2. Check that your documents have clearly defined paragraphs. For best results, interview questions or participant names in transcripts should be on their own paragraph. When editing your document, use the numbers on the left margin to determine separation between paragraphs.
  3. Although AI Coding Beta does work on PDFs, it is common that the inherent structure of PDFs does not contain paragraphs (even if they look like they do). That is why results from PDFs are likely to be poor. If you have PDFs, try converting them to text documents or simply copy-pasting the text into a text document (e.g., you can create a blank text document in ATLAS.ti and paste your PDF text there).
  4. Test out which document is causing the error by running AI Coding on documents one by one. Once you identify the document causing the error, you can verify that it is a text document, has clearly defined paragraphs, remove any images or figures, and if it is a PDF, try copy-pasting the text to a text document. You can also remove the formatting from the document (please see next point).
  5. Remove any formatting on your text documents. You can do this by opening a document, clicking "Edit text", and then highlight all the text, copy it, and paste it without formatting. If you are using Windows, you can press ctrl + a, ctrl + c, ctrl + shift + v (or ctrl + alt + v). If you are using Mac, you can press cmd + a, cmd + c, cmd + option + shift + v.

As we continue developing AI Coding Beta, it might happen that errors occur as we implement improvements and AI Coding Beta is used by researchers all around the world with many, many different kinds of text. We are very sorry if you've run into an error, but we appreciate all your feedback and comments as we move forward with AI Coding.

If you've followed the above troubleshooting steps but are still experiencing an error, please reach out to us and we'll be happy to help. You can contact us via live chat, telephone, or send an email to general@support.atlasti.com.

In addition, please export your ATLAS.ti project and send us your .atlproj file. You can also see our video tutorial on how to export your project from ATLAS.ti Windows and ATLAS.ti Mac. If the file is larger than 8MB, please upload it to a service like Dropbox or WeTransfer and send us the download link (as opposed to sending the file as an attachment, because large attachments will not go through). We would only examine your project to better understand what is going on and provide the best solution possible. We assure you confidential treatment of your data in accordance with European GDPR laws (you can see our privacy policy here).