How do I use Named Entity Recognition?

How do I use Named Entity Recognition?

Named Entity Recognition uses machine learning to identify the names of people, places, organizations, and other named entities. The codes generated by this tool can be used for later analysis.

To use Named Entity Recognition:

  • select the documents or document groups you want to analyze
  • alternatively, you can select codes to analyze quotations that contain those codes
  • press "Continue"
  • choose between paragraphs, sentences, or words depending on the results you want Named Entity Recognition to return
  • toggle the different Entity Categories (person, location, organization, and miscellaneous) depending on what entities you want Named Entity Recognition to identify
  • if necessary, click "Manage Models..." to change the language model you want Named Entity Recognition to use
  • press "Continue"

The tool will return a list of named entities it has identified. Review this list and select the entities you want the tool to code. If necessary, you can change the entity category.

Finally, the tool will return search results based on the entities you have selected. Proposed codes are represented by grayed out text with dotted lines next to each result, while any pre-existing codes are represented by solid boxes. You can do any of three things:

  • review each individual result and click on the + sign to add the proposed code
  • click on "Apply proposed code(s)" to code all results in the set or all results belonging to a particular named entity
  • select the desired quotations and click on "Apply Code(s)" to add any other desired codes

You can refer to this video for more information:

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