Why should I complete my qualitative data analysis with ATLAS.ti Web?

Why should I complete my qualitative data analysis with ATLAS.ti Web?

Use ATLAS.ti Web to help you discover insights, open new dimensions, understand attitudes and feelings, and refine quantitative data

Qualitative data analysis with ATLAS.ti Web enables you to develop that deep and detailed picture of the phenomenon you’re studying. Find out what people say about a topic and why they act in particular ways – all on one Web platform, accessible from almost any device in the world.

In contrast to quantitative approaches, qualitative data analysis doesn’t simply count numerical insights. It’s actually a way of capturing people’s perspectives, attitudes, behaviors and more in great detail. 

Using ATLAS.ti Web you’ll be able to answer the “why” questions you have in mind and pinpoint qualitative insights using smart qualitative analysis tools.

How ATLAS.ti Web helps you:

  • Discover and create deep insights: Get a close and detailed picture that goes beyond numeric charts and understand the complexities of human behavior.
  • Open up new dimensions: Explore perspectives that haven't been considered before and expand your inquiry in new directions.
  • Understand attitudes and feelings: Find out why people act in certain ways and what kind of emotional connections generate their actions.
  • Refine quantitative data: Discover what cannot be explored quantitatively, understand why a particular response occurred and enrich your analysis.